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Each name references a scrapbook number and page number(s) within the scrapbook. You may find a name with two or more scrapbook numbers and/or numerous page numbers.

Please note that we no longer provide information about the contents of an article due to time constraints on the library volunteers.

If you would like a copy of the article or articles that the name appears please let us know. All copies are 25¢ each and you must send a self addressed stamped envelope.Allow at least 2-4 weeks for a return reply.
To help you with your search print out the PCHS scrapbook form to keep track of the scrapbook numbers and pages.

This is an index of personal names only. The user should be aware that no research was done in the transfer and there was little editing of the entries. It would be judicious to check for variants of names. The names were taken as they occurred on the sheets and if there was no first name given three dots … were used to so signify. When no first name was given, but a title was, the title was added in parenthesis. The only abbreviation used consistently is M/M for Mr. & Mrs.

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Name and citation (scrapbook number– page (s)

Quay, Matthew Stanley; 170-8
Quayle, Ella R.: 146-1
Quayle, Ella: 16-48
Queen, D. I.: 87-101
Queen, Hugh S.: 138a-160
Quier, Loren: 157-19
Quillan, W. J.: 166-8
Quillen, ...: 3-42
Quillen, Nancylee: 116-29
Quillen, W. J., M/M: 138a-194
Quillen, W. J., Mr. & Mrs.: 7-17
Quinby, George: 132-7
Quinlan, Agnes: 95-32
Quinn, James: 15-39
Quinn, John, M/M: 52-30, 31
Quinn, John: 8-183, 184
Quinn, Mary: 107-15
Quirk, F. L.: 51-57


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