The following photos show buildings that are located on the property of the Historical Society.

Red Barn was moved to the property from across the street about 60 years ago.
The silo had to be removed as it was a safety hazard. The barn is used for storage. The roof was repaired a few years ago and a new beam was added in the upper level in 2008 for support.

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Boy Scout Museum

Original to the property. The building now sports a new coat of white paint.



Heart design cut into side walls.



Post-Ice Age Hut

Hypothetical Post-Ice Age Village



This is an underground fire that appears to be popular in the clay soil areas of Ohio from the late Archaic period to Hopewell Indian (4000 BC to 550 AD). One of the Hopewell sites, the Turner Mound System, had over 23 of these underground hearth's. The Dakota fires we have here range from 1400° F to 1700° F.