Memorial-Bicentennial Garden



The Portage County Historical Society has a Memorial-Bicentennial Garden. The purpose of the garden is to honor the memory of Portage County Citizens and is now the permanent home of the Ohio-Portage County Bicentennial Bell.

The garden area starts at the driveway and parking lot and goes to the south side of the clock tower. It will be an ongoing project, taking time to fill in the space. Shrubs and perennial plants will cover the 25 x 35 foot area. More area can be added as needed in the future. A fence has been placed around the circular pad where the bell is located to protect it and the bushes from the snowplow. A flagpole is at the west side of the bell pad and inside the fence as well.

A pink granite lion, donated by John Carson Jr. & his wife Beverly Carson of Suffield, now stands at the very south side of the garden area. The lion even has a name, Moses.

The Portage County Chapter Ohio Genealogical Society has placed a small granite memorial in the garden area which is dedicated to the pioneer men and women who settled the county. Scroll down to view memorial and read inscription.

These photos will change as the garden grows



Photo of Memorial Garden in progress
Southwest view of garden and
Strickland House parking lot.


For a donation of any amount of money a plant or other garden necessity will be placed in the garden to honor the memory of a family member, friend or pet. Once a donation has been made your name and the name of the family member, friend or pet being honored will be placed on our web page. A list will be placed in our newsletter and a sheet posted at the museum. We will update all as necessary.

In Memory Of

Mr & Mrs John Carson Jr.


Dr. H. D. Byrne and Mrs. Efie E. Byrne


Mary E. Carter


Charlotte Strickland, her Aunt

Mr. & Mrs. John C. Jones
Jack A. Jones, Apr 22,1924-Jan 11, 2002, garden bench
Mr. & Mrs. John C. Jones
Earl R. & Jean Jones
        Jacqueline Woodring     Dudley Weaver Family


We wish to thank the following local businesses, organizations and individuals who have contributed in some part to the Memorial Garden.

Ravenna United Fund, for the garden and bell area
Dave Roberts Construction, Ravenna-parking lot
Fontello Brothers Concrete & Excavating, Ravenna-concrete work, sidewalk,base pad for bell
Nancy Shaw, Brimfield-garden designer
Battaglia's Garden Center, Ravenna- plants
Michelle's Florist & Greenhouse,Diamond- plants
Evergreen Nursery, St. Rt. 44, Rootstown - plants
Atwater Nursery, Stroup Rd. Atwater - shrubs
Quality Landscaping, Burness Scarbro, Ravenna- garden prep & mulching
Deerfield Fence, Deerfield-white vinyl fence around garden area
Kathleen Chandler
A & D Deck & Fence, Salem-Flagpole
Daily Monument Company, Mogadore-Black granite memorial to Pioneers
Junior Girl Scouts Troop 80, Ravenna-garden flowers, planting and maintenance
Junior Girl Scouts Troop 751, Hiram-garden flowers, planting
Garden Spot, Ravenna--flowers
Western Reserve Farm Co-op, Ravenna--flowers
Mantua Gardens, Mantua-plants
Creative Landscaping,& Garden Center, Kent--plants
Pochedly Greenhouse, Hiram--flowers


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click on photo for larger image

The above photos are of the Portage County Chapter Ohio Genealogical Society Memorial. The memorial reads:

We honor the courageous men and women who abandoned home and family, traveled great distances and endured much to carve new homes and communities from a vast wilderness. By their labors and sacrifices these settlers established for future generations. Portage County. The Portage County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society 2003