Portage County Marriages (continued)
Miscellaneous marriage records from various sources are listed here.
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Wedding Diary of Rev. John Seward, Aurora, O., 1812 - 1829 - typed list of weddings by the Rev. John Seward.

Marriage Records from Portage County Newspapers
A typed list of some marriages from 1849 - 1894 which appeared in Ravenna, Ohio newspapers. There is no indication of who compiled the list.

1846 Sept 16 - Portage Sentinel, Ravenna, OH
On Sept 8th, Mr. Justus C. BURROUGHS to Miss Julia Jenette FULLER by Elder CRANE.
At the PRENTISS House on Sept 9th by E. SPALDING, Esq. Mr. John COBB to Miss Susan BOOSINGER of Brimfield, Ohio.

1849 Mar. 7 - Portage Sentinel, Ravenna, OH
In Char1estown on Feb. 24th by L.L. BROWN, Esq. Mr. Barnabus JACKSON and Miss Martha FARNHAM.
In Deerfield on Thursday March 1st by Rev. C. BROWN, Mr. George S. HOUGH to Miss Helen M. FARNAM.
In Windham on Feb. 20th by W.B. WASHINGTON, Esq. Mr. Albert BATES to Miss Mary W. HARRIS of Hiram.

1868 June 10 - The Democrat, Wed. - Ravenna, OH
On June 4th in Charlestown Mr. Nelson A. PINNEY and Miss Amelia J. HALL by Rev. T. RADCLIFFE.
On June 2nd in Ravenna, O., at the residence of Mrs. Wood, Mr. James S. McLain of Ashland, O. and Miss Nellie L. SIZER of Ravenna by Elder J.S. LOWE.
On June 4th in Ravenna., O. at the residence of Mr. RICHMOND, Mr. W.H. PRONDLEY and Miss Blanche P. RICHMOND, by Elder J.S. LOWE.
On June 2nd in Kent, O., Mr. George WOOD and Miss Naomi WELLS, both of Kent by Rev. J.J. EXCELL.
On June 2nd in Kent, O., Mr. Oliver MOORE and Miss Emily HOPKINS, the former of Richfield, Summit Co., O. and the latter of Kent, O. The marriage was performed in the M.E. parsonage in Kent by the Rev. J.J. EXCELL.

1870 Dec 28 - The Democrat, Wed., Ravenna, OH - Insertion of Marriage Notices -25 cents
Mr. George SHIPARD of Bainbridge, O. to Miss Myra HOWARD of Aurora in Ravenna at the Residence of Mr. H. LOOMIS, Dec. 25th by Rev. E.B. MASON.

1870 Dec. 28 - The Democrat, Wed. - Ravenna, OH
Mr. Oliver F. BRADFORD of Ravenna to Miss Edith A. COE of Charlestown, O. by Rev. J.F. BROWN on Dec. 25th at the residence of the bride’s father, J.L. COE, Esq.
Mr. Martin M. LADU and Miss Mary J. PATTERSON in Streetsboro Dec. 25th by Rev. H.V. HITCHCOCK.

1881 Sept 9 -The Republican, Ravenna, OH
At the M.E. parsonage, Deerfield, O. on Aug. 24th by Rev. H.B. EDWARDS, Mr. John F. GRIFFITH and Miss O.J. SCOURFIELD, both of Paris, Ohio.

1884 - The Republican, Ravenna, OH
In Kent Nov. 12th at the residence of Mr. F.B. LONGCOY by Rev. Andrew WILSON, Mr. Charles KING and Mrs. Mary Louise BREWSTER, both of Kent, O.

1885 Feb. 4 - The Ravenna Republican, Ravenna, OH
In Ravenna Miss Minnie, daughter of postmaster, W.R. KRAKE to the enterprising young merchant, Ben P. CONVERSE of the firm of
N. CONVERSE and Son on Jan. 29th by Rev. R.M. FRESHWATER of the Methodist Church.

In Ravenna at the residence George of Mr. Henry F. CARIS on Jan. 28th by the Rev. Andrew WILSON, Mr. George PUTNAM of Geauga, Ohio and Mrs. Theresa S. GREER of Ravenna.

In Ravenna Jan 22nd by Rev. W.H. SCOTT, Mr. Frank O. WAITE of Granger, Medina County and Miss Ella E. MILLS of Aurora, Portage County, Ohio.

1893 - The Democrat Press, Ravenna, OH
Mogadore; Sunday Apr. 30th, George BROWN of Kent and Miss Cora CORL were married at Tallmadge.
Aurora: Wed. evening Apr. 26th, Mrs. Ella MELRATH and Mr. George CANIFF were married at the home of the bride’s sister, Mrs. Calvin BISSELL. Rev. LESLIE officiating.

1894 Oct. 31 - The Democrat Press, Wed., Ravenna, OH
On Thurs., Oct. 25th, Leroy R. ROOT and Miss Eva SEVERANCE were married at the bride’s parents on Pratt Street. The happy couple went that evening to their new home on the corner of Meridian and Cedar Street, Ravenna.

1891 Oct. 14 - Married at Ravenna
October 15 - Last evening at 6 o'clock the marriage of Miss Mary CLEWELL to Dr. George J. WAGGONER, was solumnized at the residence of the bride's fater, D.M. Clewell, one of Ravenna's most prominent business men. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. E.G. Laughlin.

Married - (10/12/1891)
September 30th by Rev. Andrew Willson at his residence, Wm. S. NOBLE , of Ville Grove, Ill., and Miss Sarah J. BEERY, of Ravenna.
October 6th '91 by Rev. Andrew Willson at his residence, Francis M. CADY and Miss Lule WILCOX, both of Rootstown.
October 8 '91 by Rev. Andrew Willson at the residence of the bride's mother at Campbellsport, James S. TULL and Miss Anna M. ROOD, both of Ravenna.
Mr. Clayton JUDD and Miss Ethel SMITH were married at Garrettsville this week. Both young people are prominent in society there and the affair was a brilliant one.


Handwritten certificates of Marriage (spellings may be off since these are difficult to decipher)

Portage County. On the 30th day of Nov. A.D. 1849 I solemnized the marriage of William T. Miller with Harriet Miller. G.O. Clark, J.P.

State of Ohio, Portage Co. S.S.: This is to certify that on the 7th day of Oct. A.D. 1849 I solemnized the marriage between Mr. Henry T. Furry and Mis Mary A. Wright. H.L. Webster, Minister of the Gospel.

This may certify that Loren Gleason and Louisa Gregory were married by me Sept. 16th, 1849. A.A. Jewett, J.P.

Wedding Diary of Reverand John Seward, Aurora, Ohio, 1812-1829

Sep. 13, 1812 Parish, Justis Bissell, Roxanna   Aurora
Oct. 12, 1812 Gilbert, Jabes Daniels, Electa   Palmyra
Feb. 13, 1812 Coe, Israel Fowler, Ascenath   Burton
Mar. 21, 1813 Baldwin, Sanford Witter, Hannah   Aurora
Aug. 17, 1813 Baker, Artemus Conant, Mehitable   Windham
Jan. 11, 1814 Smith, Tyler Bissell, Eunice   Aurora
Apr. 7, 1814 Oviatt, Herman Kilbourn, Sophia   Tallmadge
Oct. 13, 1814 Faxon, Isaac Lewis, Corrianna   Mantua
Nov. 24, 1814 Rogers, Norman Lask, Minerva   Hudson
Dec. 8, 1814 Hollenbeck, Gad Bishop, Phoeba   Hudson
Dec. 26, 1814 Metcalf, Johnathon Root, Abigail   Aurora
Dec. 28, 1814 Cannon, Eli Cochran, Emily   Aurora
Jan. 24, 1815 McConnell, Nicholas Alford, Ruth   Windham
Jan. 25, 1815 Harmon, Seth McConn, Mary   Windham
Feb. 23, 1815 Ladd, Horace Moore, Eunice K.   Mantua
April _, 1815 Hudson, Milo Rogers, _____   Hudson
Apr. 10, 1815 Gloyd, Ephriam Jackson, Loviey   Aurora
June 18, 1815 Humphrey, Oliver Birchard, Anna   Windham
Aug. 27, 1815 Johnson, Erastus Sherwood, Anna   Nelson
Oct. 12, 1815 Sheldon, Festus Spencer, Sally   Aurora
Apr. 15, 1816 Foote, Johnathon Lyman, Huldah   Windham
May 2, 1816 Sedah, Ephriam H. Birchard, Alba   Windham
Oct. 27, 1816 Streetor, Alphens Bonney, Orilla   Windham
Nov. 28, 1816 Kneeland, Geo. W. Barlton, Sally   Mantua
Feb. 19, 1817 Parsons, John Spencer, Amy   Aurora
May 19, 1817 Paine, Charles H. Mason, Parthena   Hirma
Sep. 24, 1817 Owen, Anson Seeley, Sally   Windham
Mar. 5, 1818 Goodsell, Daniel C. McConnonghey, Almia   Aurora
June 20, 1818 Smith, Daniel Witter, Lucy   Bainbridge
July 23, 1818 Hewin, Henry Tomlinson, Phebe   Burton
July 28, 1818 Esty, John Jones, Betsy   Mantua
Aug. 27, 1818 Taylor, Samuel Baldwin, Hannah   Aurora
Nov. 8, 1818 McIntosh, David Smith, Sally H.   Bainbridge
Dec. 10, 1818 Wolcott, William Bosworth, Persis   Mantua
Dec. 22, 1818 Hunt, Hopson Lacey, Betsy   Aurora
Dec. 31, 1818 Canon, George Witte, Bathsheba   Aurora
Jan. 28, 1819 McConnanoughey, Jarvis Witte, Dolly   Bainbridge
Feb. 28, 1819 Graham, Gilbert Seward, Triphena   Aurora
Sep. 23, 1819 Blair, Bohan Power, Julia   Aurora
Dec. 1, 1819 Sheldon, Simeon Harmon, Eunice
(first child)
Dec. 2, 1819 Dudley, Charles Frost, Seline M.   Mantua
June 22, 1820 Ely, Johnathon Howard, Lucinda   Bainbridge
Sept. 20, 1820 Barnes, John Elriage, Emilia   Aurora
Sep. 27, 1820 Cooly, Timathy Lewis, Sally   Mantua
Feb. 22, 1821 Cram, Benjamin Bissell, Melicent   Aurora
Mar. 28, 1821 Kennedy, Justin Hathaway, Betsy   Aurora
Oct. 11, 1821 Hawkins, Bradley Waldo, Polly   Shalersville
Nov. 13, 1821 Loveland, Epaph Riley, Sally   Aurora
Dec. 13, 1822 Black, Thomas Cochran, Clara   Aurora
Aug. 7, 1822 Carver, Chester Elridge, Anna   Aurora
Oct. 10, 1822 Watta, Joseph Veits, Sophia   Aurora
Oct. 17, 1822 Butler, Erastus Steward, Sabra   Aurora
Nov. 17, 1822 Pease, Dexter Parsons, Anna   Aurora
Jan. 2, 1822 Fowler, Lyman Smith, Kenzio L.   Bainbridge
Dec. 25, 1823 Lane, Luman Thomas, Irene   Twinsburgh
Jan. 1, 1821 Bliss, Worcester Eggleston, Harriet   Aurora
Jan. 26, 1824 Warner, Warren Pease, Fanny A.   Aurora
May 29, 1824 Kent, Gamiel H. Granger, Anna Eliza   Bainbridge
Sep. 10, 1824 Mather, Elias W. Henry, Phoebe G.   Aurora
Dec. 2, 1824 White, Jr., Johnathon Smith, Polly   Aurora
Dec. 16, 1824 Chapman, Joel Harmon, Julia   Mantua
Dec. 30, 1824 Post, Adin Moulthrop, Icibinda   Bainbridge
Jan. 19, 1825 Osborn, Rossell McConnonghey, Ruby   Aurora
Jan. 20, 1825 Crooks, George D. Loveland, Anna   Aurora
May 11, 1825 Winchell, Chancey Parker, Persia   Aurora
May 26, 1825 Bachelor, John Russell, Sally   -
Sep. 22, 1825 Crane, James Kneeland, Hyria M.   Shalersville
Dec. 8, 1825 Lowrey, James Carver, Eunice   Solon
Dec. 16, 1825 Booth, Philander Henry, Sally E.   Aurora
Dec. 22, 1825 Lord, Reuben C. Risley, Julia A.   Aurora
Fe.b. 28, 1826 Butler, George Cochran, Eliza   Aurora
Mar. 7, 1826 Bliss, Daniel Jones, Nancy   Mantua
May 23, 1826 Stanton, Elisha M. Blackman, Esther   Aurora
June 1, 1826 Bissell, David Loveland, Amanda M.   Aurora
June 8, 1826 Smith, Thomas Eggleston, Emeline   Aurora
Aug. 6, 1826 Henry, Reuben I. Warren, Amelia   Aurora
Sep. 27, 1826 Wilbur, George Smith, Rachel   Bainbridge
Oct. 18, 1826 Westland, Josiah Crooks, Sally M.   Aurora
Nov. 30, 1826 Parker, Horace McElwain, Achsoh   Mantua
June 16, 1827
(maybe Jan.)
Hatch, William Casten, Catharine   Aurora
Feb. 1, 1827 Stewart, Michael Viets, Mary   Aurora
Aug. 12, 1827 Mason, Goldbrow B. Jackson, Betsy   Aurora
Oct. 10, 1827 Herrick, Justus Cowles, Caroline   Twinsburgh
Oct. 28, 1827 Canon, Victor, M. Baldwin, Caroline   Aurora
Nov. 1, 1827 Sandford, James Ladd, Hannah   Mantua
Nov. 21, 1827 Case, Chancey Blair, Dolly   Aurora
Jan. 10, 1828 Emmons, Daniel Seward, Mary   Aurora
Aug. 5, 1828 Henry, James K. Robbins, Cornelia   Solon
Aug. 10, 1828 Morse, Justus Goodwin, Sally   Aurora
Aug. 10, 1828 Goodwin, Daniel Morse, Marrietta   Aurora
Nov. 20, 1828 Harmon, Ebenezer S. Avery, Melvina   Aurora
Feb. 12, 1829 Granger, Samuel Blackman, Sally   Aurora
Feb. 18, 1829 Baker, George Bissell, Mary Ann   Aurora
Feb. 23, 1829 Bissell, Cephas Crawford, Isabel   Aurora
Mar. 25, 1829 Streetor, Alpheus Loveland, Emeline   Aurora
May 5, 1829 Abbey, Daniel Herrick, Louisa   Aurora
May 6, 1829 Crawford, Alexander Wallace, Sophronia   Aurora
Sep. 3, 1829 Spencer, Oliver Carver, Anna   Aurora