Portage County Marriages (continued)
Marriages 1897-1898
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Alphabetical list by Bride

NOTE: Some newspaper clippings list "marriage licenses issued", not actual date of marriage. Sometimes the date listed may be the day the newspaper was published. In some cases the marriage may have taken place prior to the date the newspaper printed the notice of license issued. The "Addl. Info." column indicates if a description of the wedding event was included.

Alphabetical List by Groom
Newspaper clippings collected by Dudley S. Weaver (Not inclusive of all marriages)

Groom Bride Date (see note) Location
Abel, Harry B. Donnally, Laura 3/1/1898 Ravenna
Alden, Horace W. Pinkerton, Mary J. 4/1/1898 Freedom
Beck, Chas. J. Beans, Mabel P. 11/11/1898 Kent
Beery, Clarence E. Scoville, Ella A. 6/10/1898 Freedom
Beery, Edward K. Walker, Della L. 4/1898 Freedom
Boettler, Peter Tuttle, Madge P. 6/11/1897 Franklin
Boohecker, Frank H. Hartzell, Sadie M. 1/26/1898 Deerfield
Bowman, James L. Russel, Minnie M. 4/15/1898 Paris
Brand, Joseph Ackworth, Mary B. 12/10/1898 Franklin
Byers, Oscar Gue, Bertha V. 11/11/1898 Edinburgh
Cale, Richard M. Lloyd, Maggie 12/10/1898 Palmyra
Chamberlain, K.W. Lindsey, Alma 12/10/1898 Ravenna
Cole, James Richards, Jennette 6/11/1897 Palmyra
Cooley, Burton M. Lewis, Lillie B. 1/26/1898 Shalersville
Dirthick, Jesse J. Dyson, Blanche M. 4/1898 Ravenna
Douthitt, Dudley Swager, Fanny 6/11/1897 Rootstown
Dyson, Clarence A. Bennett, Grace 12/23/1898 Hiram
Earl, Ernest B. Elton, Carrie F. 12/23/1898 Windham
Falaska, Antonio Di Skiva, Giovina 6/11/1897 Mantua
Fall, Edgar E. Brumbaugh, Nellie 4/1898 Randolph
Forney, Chas. Helsel, Nettie B. 1/26/1898 Deerfield
Fowler, George B. Upham, Florence L. 6/10/1898 Garrettsville
Gamble, E.M. Crocker, Rosa 10/18/1898 Shalersville
Griswold, C. Trego, Hattie 2/3/1898 Nelson
Harper, George Sherwin, Bertha 12/23/1898 Garrettsville
Harrington, Edwin E. Johnson, Helen G. 1/26/1898 Mantua
Hart, Harry L. Cooley, Abbie I. 4/1898 Shalersville
Hormell, Nelson J. Allen, Frances S. 10/28/1898 Unknown
Huff, Clinton M. Waldorf, Daisy E. 11/11/1898 Nelson
Knapp, Albert Larkcom, Lucy 12/10/1898 Freedom
Leek, Geo. Evans, Mary E. 2/3/1898 Palmyra
Libis, Andrew T. Hoskin, Hattie 2/4/1898 Randolph
Lintz, Charles E. Pike, May E. 10/10/1898 Garrettsville
Loomis, H.H. Higley, Alice 6/24/1897 Deerfield
Lutzinger, Henry Fryfogle, Rosette C. 4/15/1898 Ravenna
Martin, Francis A. Tracy, Lucia May 10/28/1898 Franklin
Masteller, C.B. Moore, Irene J. 6/24/1897 Ravenna
Mathews, Walter E. Perry, Irene 2/3/1898 Ravenna
McPeck, Joseph H. Fowler, Laverne 1/26/1897 Nelson
Moore, Benjamin Chase, Anna E. 2/3/1898 Streetsboro
Mowen, L.D. Thomas, Edna 2/4/1898 Paris
Nidy, Calvin Pontious, Lettie 6/24/1897 Suffield
Niman, Edgar A. March, Grace 3/1/1898 Streetsboro
Papenfus, A.R. Skelly, Ellen Josephine 6/10/1898 Ravenna
Patterson, Alphonzo Augstmann, Mary 12/10/1898 Paris
Pfile, Rollin F. Wilson, Grace 1/26/1898 Ravenna
Phillips, Charles Scribner, Jennie 4/1/1898 Rootstown
Pontius, B.L. Stine, Cora E. 2/3/1898 Brimfield
Porter, Chauncey F. Hubbard, Adah 11/11/1898 Rootstown
Randall, Charles Kibler, Floyd B. 4/1/1898 Edinburg
Randall, Henry Lewis, Mabel 11/11/1898 Nelson
Refemming, E.W. Ott, Hattie B. 6/10/1898 Rootstown
Reynolds, J.P. Longcoy, Mira 4/1/1898 Franklin
Rhodes, Frederick E. Creager, Lillian M. 6/24/1897 Franklin
Rumer, William H. Bishop, Stella 12/10/1898 Charlestown
Russell, Edward P. Carothers, Emma E. 6/24/1897 Ravenna
Schmiedel, F.E. Ewell, Mary E. 4/1/1898 Suffield
Searls, John Lindsay, Carrie 4/1/1898 Ravenna
Shope, Elias C. Phillips, Jennie M. 4/1/1898 Atwater
Smallfield, Julius Meacham, Ella 4/1898 Franklin
Smith, H.J. Keeler, Julia B. 3/1/1898 Ravenna
Stratton, Harry S. Rhodes, Mertie M. 3/1/1898 Franklin
Veltman, Thos. S. Rhodes, Lydia J. 4/1/1898 Charlestown
Walker, Harry Hagerman, Fanny 4/1/1898 Ravenna
Waters, Ernest L. Wright, Maud 1/26/1898 Randolph
Webster, Harold O. Glidden, Florence 1/26/1898 Franklin
Whitmore, Myron M. Young, Jennie E. 6/11/1897 Franklin
Wilcox, A.J. Reed, Erma May 12/10/1898 Shalersville
Wilcox, Bert Stephenson, Mamie 3/1/1898 Brimfield
Wilson, W.T. Wetson, Alice 10/28/1898 Edinburg
Wood, John Shrader, Lizzie 4/1898 Streetsboro
Wright, Herbert J. Baldy, Ida Blanche 12/10/1898 Ravenna

Alphabetical List by Bride