Merts & Riddle Hearse

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An outstanding acquisition of an early Merts & Riddle Hearse was made possible by the Riddle family, numerous businesses and many individuals of Portage County. The Merts & Riddle Coach and Hearse Builders of Ravenna, established in 1831, were well known throughout the country and the world for their fine workmanship.

Introduction in one of the catalogs of Merts & Riddle Coach and Hearse Builders of Ravenna

We take pleasure in submitting herewith for your inspection a few of the many different styles of Hearses and Coaches we are making. During the many years experience we have had in this business, the constant improvement in style, durability , and elegance of finish has been our aim. Our work is now in use and is well known in every State of the Union; and our large and increasing business from year to year, is evidence of the fact that our work meets with the entire satisfaction. In the future, as in the past, it shall be our aim to furnish those in want of goods in our line a better article for less money than can be produced elsewhere.

We give our entire attention to the building of Hearses and Coaches, and are not connected in any way with any business outside of this. Every branch of the business has our personal care and supervision.

We urge those in want of anything in our line to come direct to our factory, and select from our large stock just what they want. We have constantly on hand, all finished, ready for shipment, thirty thousand dollars' worth of Hearses, and as many Coaches, and can save purchasers from two to five hundred dollars on the price of a Hearse by buying of us.

Hearse Display
The hearse in on display in the Portage County Historical Society museum along with other items from the Riddle Coach Company.