Earl G. Proehl & Emmett J. Kline Clock Tower
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Restoration of the Earl G. Proehl & Emmett J. Kline Clock Tower began in 1970 and was completed in 1973. The clock was originally atop the Portage County Court House in Ravenna and was removed when the court house was torn down in 1960. During the demolition of the court house the clock was purchased from the construction company by Mr. Edward Waas for $400.00.

It was bought at his estate sale in 1970 for $1600.00 by Portage County Historical Society Trustee, Edward Beckwith. All the parts were then moved to the basement of the Historical Society by Paul Shaffer, County Engineer.

Mr. Beckwith and Mr. James V. Ferry of Kent worked on the clock during its dismantling, repair of the parts, tower construction, installation and final operation of the clock. Others involved in the restoration work and building of the tower were Cy Plough; Dick Schmidt; Roger Brown; Mr. Joseph Waranai; Mrs. Wesley (Mary) Ensinger;. John Begala; John Misch; Mr. Louis Patch Jr; Mr. Frank McClintock; Mr. Lee Havre, Jr. and many others.

The bricks for the tower came from structures that were being torn down in the area to make room for parking lots and new structures. One of these was the Poe family home on N. Meridian Street in Ravenna. Over 2,000 bricks were saved from the ruble to be used for construction of the clock tower. Another site was a building on the corner of Main & N. Water Street in Kent that burned in 1972.

The stained glass window was in the H. Warner Riddle home located on East Main in Ravenna. The eight inch fancy tile that is in the cross in the tower was part of the Ravenna City Band Stand. The wooden bell rope wheel is from the original 1830 Portage County Court House.

With the help of volunteers and carpenters, masons, welders and fabricators the finished 40 foot clock tower stands at the entrance of the property in the front lawn.

Photo of the clock tower cross