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Below is an index to names found in the miscellaneous newspaper announcements. Key: Marriage or Anniversary = M; Birth or Birthday = B; Death = D; Court cases/Divorces = C, and the number following the name indicates the number within that section. For example: Smith, John (M23) indicates that an announcement for John Smith's marriage or anniversary (M) can be found as number 23 within the Marriage/Anniversary section.

Some clippings are from the collection of Dudley S. Weaver, 1842-1943.
Copies of the actual newspaper clipping can be obtained from the Portage County Historical Society.
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Name Index

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Allen, Frances S. (M37)
Allen, Howard C. (M15) (M18)
Armstrong, Nettie (M19)
Baker, Effie (C2)
Baker, Gordon (C2)

Bard, G.F. (M29)
Bastian, Oliver (B7)
Bayard, Frank & George (M8)
Beck, Harry (B3)
Bentz, W.V. (M34)
Bishop, Dwight (M8)
Bishop, Robert Austin (M8)
Blake, E. Bye (M36)
Boettler, Peter T. (M6)
Boles, Oscar A. (C2)
Boosinger, Banks W. (C2)
Bosworth, Daniel (B1)
Braden, Wallace W. (M26)
Brown, Frank (B5)
Brown, Maria (M13)
Brown, Myrtle (M18)
Brown, O.M. (M15)
Boyd, Wm. (B11)
Buck, Carrie L. (D3)

Burrell, John (M23)
Byers, Frank M. (M2)
Canning, Wm. P. (M21)
Carpenter, Samuel E. (M11)
Carter, Marie (M8)
Carter, Peggy (M7)
Chamberlain, Mary E. (M30)
Chapman, F.P. (M10)
Chapman, M.S. (C1)
Clark, Jno. F. Esq. (M35)
Clayton, Etta L. (D3)
Collier, Tom (B2)
Conant, Clarence A. (M9)
Cronin, Geneva (M1)
Crouse, Nellie J. (M11)
Cunningham, Harry (B10)
Darrow, Lura N. (M26)
Deam, D.L. (M21)
Ewing, John A. (M30)

Felger, F.W. (B9)
Freeman, Henry L. (M16)
Fritch, Elva C. (M14)
Gaedel, Stephen (M20)
Garrison, M.G. (C2)
Gates, Henry (M13)
Getz, Will (B8)
Goodenough, John C. (M32)
Goodwin, George A. (M8)
Goodwin, Margaret M. (M8)
Gregg, Emma (M16)
Hall, A.W. (M5)
Hall, Albert W. (M17)
Hart, Charles W. (M4)
Hart, Harry S. (M4)
Hart, Jennie (M4)
Hewins, Clara (M28)
Hoot, Rose (M20)
Hormell, Nelson J. (M37)
Howe, Mattie (M23)
Jenkins, Florence (M8)
Johnston, Maud (M5)
Jones, Benjamin L. (22)
Jones, Morgan P., Rev. (M6)
Kelly, James M. (C2)
Kelly, Jennie W. (C2)
Kemmery, Marie (M1)
Kenison, Etta (M25)
Kennedy, Eber (M7)
Kent, Duane (M4)
Kent, Eva F. (M4)
Kent, Florine (M4)
Kerr, E.P. (M16)
King, John H. (M28)
Kinsey, Candis (M33)
Kirkup, Daisy (M31)
Kline, Frank (M1)
Kline, Aloys (M1)
Kline, Edmund (M1)
Kline, Harry (M1)
Ladd (Mr.) (B1)
LeFevre, Adelaide (M8)
Lewis, Thomas, Rev. (M8)
Luli (Mr.) (M1)

Magaw, Myrtie A. (M24)
McCormick, E.H. (C2)
Mead, J.P. (M25)
Merriam, M. (M36)
Michael, Fred (M31)
Miller, Sarah (C1)
Morris, Robert W. (M14)
Myers, John (M5)
Neeley, Frank E. (M19)
Nichols, Orsie L. (M22)
Nickerson, Frank (M12)
O'Brien, John (M7)
Osborne, Ira I. (C1)
Prior, Polly (M7)
Ravenscroft, John (B12)
Reed, Daisy L. (D3)
Reed, Gustavus P. (D3)
Rentz, Lewis (B6)
Rider, Oeamer Lane (M35)
Rolf, George (B4)
Root, Fred'k L. (M9)
Russell, Susie S. (M17)
Sherbourne, Elizabeth (M1)
Stanley, Norman G. (D2)
Stewart, Artemicia (C2)
Stockwell, Helen E. (M9)
Stone, Emma H. (M4)
Stone, Flora (M4)
Stone, Gertrude (M4)
Stone, L. (M4)
Stone, Richard (M4)
Stone, Reuben H. (M4)
Sturdevant, Eugene (D1)

Tacher, Lillian (M12)
Taylor, Cora M. (M9)
Thomas, Pearl (M27)
Treat, Lura (M4)
Tremelin, Will E. (M27)
Tuttle, G.N. (M3)
Tuttle, Hattie M. (D1)
Tuttle, I.D. (M6)
Tuttle, Madge P. (M6)
Upton, J.S., Rev. (M4)
VanMeter, Susie (M32)
Walker, Robert (M7)
Warner, Charles (M33)
Whitmore, Myron A. (M6)
Williard, Charles (24)
Willson, Andrew (M3) (D1)
Wolcot, Clarissa (B1)
Wolcot, Edmund (B1)
Young, James (M6)
Young, Jennie (M6)

Marriages & Anniversaries
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(1) 1946 - Observe Golden Wedding - Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kline will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary Sunday, June 9 at their home in Suffield center. A reception and open house will be held from 2 to 5 p.m. Mr. Kline will be 72 in July and Mrs. Kline was 69 in March. The Klines were married June 10, 1896 at St. Joseph's church, Randolph. They have lived in Suffield their entire married life. Mr. Kline has been a blacksmith in Suffield for 49 1/2 years. He started his career as an apprentice blacksmith for Mr. Luli in 1893. Three years later he went in business for himself in Suffield in a small shop near his home. The last 10 years of his work as a blacksmith, it was necessary for him to travel from farm to farm, shoeing horses and doing minor repair work, as times had changed. He was forced to retire from his blacksmith work in 1942, due to ill health. Mr. and Mrs. Kline have three sons, Aloys of Kent, Harry and Edmund of Suffield and three daughters, Mrs. Marie Kemmery of Ravenna, Mrs. Geneva Cronin of Mogadore and Mrs. Elizabeth Sherbourne of Warren. They have 13 grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

(2) April 26, 1933 in "The Good Old Days in Portage Co." - 48 Years Ago: Seventy relatives, friends and neighbors of Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Byers of Deerfield made them a surprise call to remind them of th 20th wedding anniversary.

(3) April 8, 1910 - Second Couple Married by Rev. Willson to be Here This Evening. Judge and Mrs. G.N. Tuttle, of Painesville, will attend the golden anniversary of Rev. Andrew Willson's ministerial work to be observed at the Kent Universalist church this evening. Mr. and Mrs. Tuttle have the honor of being the second couple married by Rev. Mr. Willison, nearly fifty years ago. Their letter to Mr. Hall, ordering banquet tickets, came yesterday and their prsence will prove a delightful surprise for Mr. Willson. A letter will be read from the first couple married by Mr. Willson. Reception, 5 to 6. Banquet at 6. Program in auditorium at 7:30.

(4) January 8, 1897 - A New Year’s Eve Wedding, A Very Large Party Of Relatives And Friends
Witness the Marriage of Mr. Harry S. Hart of Brimfield, and Miss Emma H. Stone of Tallmadge.
Never was there a happier company assembled on a New Years eve to witness and extend congratulations to a newly married couple than were those present at the new and elegant residence of Mr. and Mrs. Duane Kent, in Suffield, to witness the marriage of the sister of Mrs. Kent, Miss Emma H. Stone, to Mr. Harry S. Hart, the only son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Hart of Brimfield. At precisely 8 o’clock Miss Flora Stone took her position at the piano and the hum of voices was suddenly hushed by the music of Lohengrin’s wedding march, and the near approach of the bridal party was soon manifested by the entrance into the spacious parlors of Master Reuben H. Stone, son of Richard and Gertrude Stone, of Akron, and Miss Eva F. Kent, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Florine Kent, of Suffield, they being immediately followed by the bridesmaid, Miss Jennie Hart, sister of the groom, and best man, Mr. L. Stone, brother of the bride. Upon reaching the south side of the parlor they turned, facing the officiating minister, the Rev. J.S. Upton, of Ridgeway, Pa., and who in a most impressive ceremony united the happy pair. Upon the conclusion of the ceremony, Miss Lura Treat, of Tallmadge played a march from Mendelssohn, while the best wishes of all were being showered upon the bride and groom. Immediately fol1owing congratulations an elegant lunch was served and in such a manner as to be in strict keeping with all other perfect arrangements of the evening for the comfort and welfare of the many guests present.

(5) June 25, 1897 - MARRIED. The Month of June Seriously Affects the Heart of a Bachelor Conductor Who Runs the Connotton Flyer - A.W. Hall of Mogadore Also Weds. - Other Marriages.
Those who know Conductor John Myers, he of the graceful figure and handsome countenance, are surprised that he has lived so long alone in this world. Nevertheless, it is something of a surprise to his Kent friends to learn that he was married one evening last week. The event took place at Bedford, where the bride’s parents reside. The bride was Miss Maud Johnston, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Johnston. The ceremony was performed at the home of the bride's parents, after which the bride and groom left on a short wedding trip. Mr. Myers returned to work this week and is receiving the congratulations of his friends.

(6) June 11, 1897 - June Starts Out Well - TWO WEDDINGS IN KENT THE PAST WEEK
Former Kent Boy Weds - Other Matrimonial News of the Week.
A very pleasant wedding took place Tuesday evening at the home of the bride’s parents on East Main street. The contracting parties were Mr. Peter T. Boettler and Miss Madge P. Tuttle, daughter of Mr. I. D. Tuttle. Rev. Morgan P. Jones, pastor of the Congregational church, performed the ceremony in the presence of about forty-five relatives from Cleevelaud and Canton. The bride was attired in cream colored crepon, with lace and ribbon trimmings, and carried white roses. After the ceremony and congratula-tions, lunch was served. The house was very tastily decorated with flowers. The bride and groom were the recipi-ents of a nunber of very beautiful and useful presents.
Both these young people are well and favorably known, Miss Tuttle having been a member of the class of ‘95, Kent high school. They will reside at Mr. Boettler’s home, north of town. May at every joy of life be theirs.

Mr. Myron A. Whitmore and Miss A Jennie Young were married last Saturday evening by Rev. M. P. Jones at his residence on Park avenue. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James M. Young, while the groom is a well known young gentleman, employed at the Erie shops. That they may fully realize the anticipations of a happy and prosperous married life is the sincere wish of all who know this estimable young couple.

(7) First Marriage License in County Bears Date of 1800 (date handwritten of Nov. 23, 1928 - no name of newspaper)
It is recorded in Volume 1 of Portage county marriage certifications that Eber Kennedy of Aurora and Polly Prior of Hudson, then in Portage county, were married by Robert Walker, justice of the peace, July 4, 1800. The next on record is that of John O'Brien and Peggy Carter, both of Hudson, July 8, 1808. This portion of Portage county was incorporated in Summit county March 30, 1840. The original Portage county was carved out of Trumbull county, June 7, 1807. Portions of Stark and Medina counties were also transferred to the newly created Summit county.

(8) 1907 - The wedding of Miss Margaret M. Goodwin and Robert Austin Bishop took place Wednesday evening, Sept. 11, at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. George A. Goodwin, at Chagrin Falls. About 200 guests wit-nessed the ceremony, which was per-formed by Rev. Thomas T. Lewis, pas-tor of Archwood-av. Congregational church, Cleveland. The bride was a member of the 1905 class of Oberlin. She was gowned in white embroidered silk mull and wore a necklace of pink cameos, the gift of the groom, and car-ried a shower bouquet of white marguerites. The attendants were Miss Florence Jenkins of Ravenna, acting as maid of honor, and Miss Adelaide LeFevre of Cambridge Springs, Pa., as bridesmaid. The groom was attended by his brother. Dwight Bishop. Messrs. Frank and George Bayard acted as ushers. The wedding march was ren-dered by Miss Marie Carter. After a trip down the St. Lawrence river to Montreal and Quebec they will return to Chagrin Falls and be at home to their friends after Oct. 15.

(9) June 29, 1891 - Marriage licenses issued to Clarence A. Conant and Helen E. Stockwell, Garrettsville; Fred'k L. Root and Miss Cora M. Taylor, Ravenna.

(10) June 24, 1897 - Celebrated Their Twenty-Fifth Wedding Anniversary.
Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Chapman celebrated the twenty fifth anniversary of their marriage on Friday evening last, by entertaining seventy Invited guests. Their home was beautifully decorated with flowers, roses predominating. The yard was lit with Japanese lanterns. Mr. and Mrs. Chapman received their guests under a myrtle floral piece, which repre-sented the figures “72-97.” A mandolin club dispensed music during the evening. An elegant menu was served. Misses Maude Freeman, Jessie Powers, and Mrs. E. V. Long and Miss Chapman assisted in entertaining. Miss Myrtle Smith served lemonade during the evening. Mr. and Mrs. Chapman received a large number of fine presents. The out-of-town guests were W.B. Chapman, of Mansfield; Miss N. E. Powers of Youngstown; Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Chapman, Dr. and Mrs. A.M. Powers, Miss Jessie Powers, Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Reed, Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Bogue, Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Parsons, and Mr. and Mrs. H. L Spellman, of Rootstown. It was a very enjoyable event. Mr. and Mrs. Chapman have issued invitations this week to a card party which they will give on Friday evening.

(11) 1897- CARPENTER - CROUSE - Kent relatives have received invita-tions to the marriage of Miss Nellie J. Crouse, of Akron, to Mr. Samuel E. Carpenter, of Philadelphia. The wed-ding takes place in St. Paul’s Episcopal church, Akron, June 16th. Mr. Samuel Chew, of Philadelphia, will officiate as groomsman and Miss Clementina Barber, of Kent, as maid of honor. The ushers will be Mr. Henry Wick Corning, of Cleveland, Mr. Clarence Cady, of Buffalo, and Mr. Geo. W. Crouse, jr., of Akron.

(12) 1897 FRANK NICKERSON MARRIED. The marriage of Frank Nickerson, a former resident of this city, and Miss Lillian Tacher took place June 2. The young people are living in Cleveland.— Zanesville Times Recorder.

(13) 1897 MOGADORE MAN WEDS. Mr. Henry Gates, of Mogadore, and Miss Maria A. Brown, of Akron, were married on Thursday of last week.

(14) 1897 FORMER SUFFIELD LADY MARRIED. Miss Elva C. Fritch, formerly of Suffield, was married at Akron last week to Robert W. Morris.

(15) June 18, 1897 - Married. Howard C. Allen, of Randolph, and Miss O.M. Brown, of Kent, were married at Ravenna, Wednesday.

(16) FREEMAN— GREGG. Galion Leader
Wednesday evening at the home Mrs. E. P. Kerr, the bride’s mother, a very pretty and impressive .marriage service was performed, in the presence of the immediate relatives and friends the contracting parties. About 8:30 p.m., the bride, Miss Emma Gregg, and the bridegroom, Mr. Henry L. Freeman, accompanied by Miss Bertha Pletcher and Harry Lemon, together with the officiating clergyman, Rev. Oliver E. Eagy, entered the parlor. After the marriage service and the con-gratulations of the guests, all sat down to a dainty supper, served by caterer Hubley. Both Mr. and Mrs. Freeman are well known in Galion and their many friends will join in wishing them a long and pleasant life together.

Cards received here last Friday bore the following announcement: “Mr. Albert W. Hall and Mrs. Susie S. Russell, married Thursday, June 17, 1897, Howard county, Maryland.” Mr. Hall is a prominent resident of Mogadore and he and his bride have the good wishes of hosts of friends in Portage and Summit counties.

Howard Chester Allen, of Randolph, Ohio, and Miss Myrtle Brown, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brown, of Kent, Ohio, wore married at Ravenna, June 16th. They have gone to house-keeping in Randolph.

(19) 7/9/1897 NEELEY—ARMSTR0NG
Frank E. Neeley, of Akron, and Miss Nettie Armstrong, of Kent, were mar-ried Sunday evening by Rev. T. S. Smedley at his residence. They have gone to housekeeping in Akron.

(20) 7/9/1897 GAEDEL—HOOT
Married, at Rando1ph, June 30th, by Father Theim, Mr. Stephen Gaedel and Miss Rose Hoot, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hoot, both of Ran-dolph. Miss Sarah, sister of the bride, acted as bridesmaid and Mr. Raymond Adams, of Kent, as bridegroom. The happy couple drove to the residence of the bride’s parents where congratula-tions were received, after which refreshments were served. Dancing was the chief feature of the evening.

(21) 8/27/1897 Wm. P. Canning and Miss D.L. Deam, both of Ravenna, were married Tuesday evening by Rev. Andrew Willson at his residence.

(22) 9/3/1897 Eloped from Ravenna
Benjamin L. Jones and Miss Orsie L. Nichols eloped from Ravenna to Buf-falo, N. Y., August 18th, and were married. The announcement was made Saturday. The bride is the daughter of J.H. Nichols, a well known attorney, and the groom is the son of ex-Sheriff and Mrs. James Jones, of Palmyra. They will live at Mantua, where Mr. Jones runs a hotel.

(23) 9/24/1897 BURREL - HOWE
Two Cuyahoga Falls Young People Married Wednesday.
Mr. John Burrell and Miss Mattie Howe, both of Cuyahoga Falls, were married Wednesday. Both are prominent young people who have many friends in Kent. Mr. Burrell is at present engaged with the sad iron works at Ravenna. Here’s wishes for joy and prosperity in an unlimited degree.

(24) 9/24/1897 MARRIED. Charles Williard and Miss Myrtie A. Magaw, of Kent.
At 3 p.m. last Sunday at the residence of the bride's mother, Rev. Andrew Wilson solemnized the marriage of Charles Williard and Miss Myrtie A. Magaw, both well known young people of Kent. The newly married couple spent this week at Meadville.

Mr. J. P. Mead, a former Kent boy and well known here as a former Erie railway employee, but who for some time past has been in St. Paul and Duluth, with the St. Paul & Duluth railroad, was married last week at Pipestone, Minn. Mr. Mead and his bride arrived here last Saturday and will remain a couple of weeks at his old home. The Pipestone Daily Star of August 25th tells of the wedding as follows: “The one event which has been looked forward to by society circles for some time, culminated at noon to-day in the marriage of Miss Etta Kenison and Mr. J. P. Mead, which ceremony occurred at the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. N. Kenison, of West Catlin street, Rev. J. T. Henderson of the First Presbyterian church, officiating. The ceremony was couducted in the presence of a goodly number of invited guests and a bounteous repast served at the close of the ceremony. The bride has grown to womanhood in this community, her parents being among the early residents of Pipestone City, and she is held in high esteem by a large circle of admiring friends. The groom is a telegraph operator and holds a good position in Duluth, where the newly wedded couple will cast their lot in life and establish their home for the future. The bridal party left over the Bur-lington this afternoon for Chicago and will also visit at the home of the groom's parents in Ohio before going to Duluth. Many friends will join The Star in wishing them a loing and happy life.”

(26) 9/3/1897 BRADEN—DARROW
Miss Lura N. Darrow of Kent, and Mr. Wallace W. Braden, of Ravenna, were quietly married at the home of the Bride’s mother, on Mantua street, Wednesday evening, Rev. W. J. Wilson officiating.

(27) 10/1/1897 Two Well Known Young People. MR. WILLIAM E. TREMEL1N, OF CUYAHOGA FALLS And Miss Pearl E. Thomas, of Kent, Plight Their Troth Before a Host of Assembled Friends. Mr. Will E. Tremelin, of Cuyahoga Falls, and Miss Pearl Thomas, of Kent, were married Wednesday evening, September 29, 1897. The ceremony was performed in their future residence, on Newberry street, in Cuyahoga Falls. Rev. W.J. Wilson, pastor of the Kent Methodist church was the officiating clergyman. Over one hundred invited guests, including relatives of the bride and groom, and friends from the Falls, Kent, Akron, Cleveland, Ravenna, Windham and other towns, witnessed the ceremony. The ceremony took place in the tastily decorated parlor at 8 o’clock. Mr. George Williston, of Cuyahoga Falls, was groomsman, and Miss Tenna Stratton, of Lake Erie Seminary at Painesville, was bridesmaid. After congratulations has been extended, a wedding supper was served. The list of presents was extenaive and the tokens were all beautiful and use-ful. Mr. and Mrs. Tremelin are well known young people. Both are gradu-ates of the high schools in their respec-tive homes. Mr. Tremelin is one of Cuyhoga Falls most successful business men. They have a nicely furnished home and start out in life most auspiciously.

(28) 1897 Mr. John H. King, of Charlestown, and Miss Clara Hewins, of Freedom, were married by Rev. Frank H. Young, at his home, Sunday evening. Oct. 31. Mr. John King and bride spent Sunday with his brother, Mr. and Mrs. E.H. King

(29) 10/8/1897 A WEDDING ANNIVERSARY The Occasion of a Happy Surprise Party on Mr. And Mrs. Bard. Last Saturday afternoon was the occasion of a very pleasant surprise ten-dered Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Bard at their home on South Water street, by their relatives in honor of their marriage, Oct. 1st, 1882. The family was all present with the exception of two, Dr. F. E. Bard and family, of Aurora, and John Moulton, of Cleveland. They were the recipients of many beautiful and useful presents, among them being the bride's cake made by the groom’s mother, Mrs. G. W. Bard, of Brimfield. Over forty sat down to the wedding dinner and were favored by several se-lections of vocal and instramental music by Misses Ina Zeller, Maud, Mary
and Matie Elliot, Estella Meloy and Lulu Bard, while they ate. The children spent the afternoon playing games while the older people visited. All pres-ent left wishing Mr. and Mrs. Bard double . the amount of happiness and prosperity to attend them in the future that they have experienced in the past fiftenn years. ONE OF THEM.

(30) 1897 WILL BE MARRIED. A Kent Jeweler to Wed a Tallmadge Lady. Invitations are out for the marriage of Mr. John A. Ewing, the jeweler, and Miss Mary E. Chamberlain, at the home of the bride in Tallmadge, Thursday evening, Oct. 14th.

(31) 1947 -Observe 50th Anniversary. MR. AND MRS. FRED MICHAEL
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Michael of Brimfield, will observe their Golden wedding anniversary with open house to be held at their home from 2 to 4 p.m. on Sunday, March 2, for friends, neighbors and relatives. Daisy Kirkup and Fred Michael were married on March 2, 1897 by the Rev. Andrew Willson at Ravenna. Mrs. Michael was born in Rootstown and was 70 years of age in November. Mr. Michael, who was 72 in October, was born in Brimfield, where the couple has lived since the nuptials of 50 years ago. He is a retired employee of the U.S. Stoneware Co. at Tallmadge, where he worked for 18 years. There are two daughters, Doris Michael and Mrs. Rudy Cable, the latter having two children. (A photo of the couple is included)

(32) 1890 - John C. Goodenough and Miss Susie VanMeter, both of Ravenna, were married Wednesday evening, Dec. 10, 1890. The ceremony was performed at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H.K. VanMeter, and bride and bridegroom commenced housekeeping on Spruce St.

(33) 1890 - WARNER-KINSEY - May 28, 1890, by Andrew Willson, at his residence, Charles Warner of Hartville and Miss Candis Kinsey of Suffield.

(34) Rootstown Couple Married 50 Years
Mr. and Mrs. W.V. Bentz, Parsons rd., Rootstown township, celebrated their golden wedding anniversary Sunday when 60 relatives and friends called at an open house. Married Nov. 4, 1890, the Bentz couple has lived in Portage county all their lives, 44 years on the farm on which they are now located. Their house is 125 years old. A farmer most of his life, Mr. Bentz is 75 and Mrs. Bentz is 72. He was born in New Baltimore, moving to the present farm when eight years old. For two years he worked in teh Erie shops in Kent. The couple was married at the Immaculate Conception church parsonage in Ravenna by Rev. Fr. Farrell. The celebration Sunday was planned as a surprise by Mrs. Bessie Musser, of Akron, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bentz. They also have a son, Benjamin and two grandchildren, all of Akron. (Photo of each also included in article).

(35) MARRIED - Clark-Rider (3/13/1891)
The announcement of the marriage of Jno. F. Clark Esq. will doubtless be received with surprise by many of our readers. Mr. Clark has been a widower for twelve years and is 78 years of age. He is though as everybody knows, remarkably active for his age. He often related with pride that when a young man he made a record of 19 feet in a running jump, at a barn raising in Springfield township of Summit, then Portage county. He laughingly remarks that he could have made as good a record as Cap't Brady if he had had a pack of redskins at his heels and the advantage of a seven mile run for a starter. After the death of his wife twelve years since, Mr. Clark's daughter, Mrs. Coyle and her two daughters lived with him at his residence on Lake street. About two years since, Mrs. Coyle married Mr. Jos. Isbel and went to housekeeping on west Main street. Since then Mr. Clark has been living alone. He some time since concluded that it was not good for man to live alone and so Wednesday evening last, at 7 o'clock he was joined in marriage at his residence to Mrs. Oeamer Lane Rider, of Cleveland. His brother, Rev. G.W. Clark, of Akron performed the ceremony. A remarkable feature of the wedding was that all Mr. Clark's children and grandchildren, eighteen in number, were present at the ceremony. Mr. Clark went to Cleveland for his bride Tuesday. They came to Kent Wednesday. His children prepared a very handsome wedding dinnner at Mr. Clark's residence on Lake St. at which all the children and grandchildren were also present. Mrs. Rider was the widow of Dr. O.L. Rider, formerly of Randall, near Cleveland, who served as surgeon in the U.S. Army during the late war. Mrs. Rider is herself a physician and also served as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Sanitary department during the war. She is still an active church worker and also a member of the W.R.C. The warm welcome Mrs. Clark has received at the hands of his children and grandchildren will doubtless be extended also by the many friends of Mr. Clark and his family.

(36) PLEASANT WEDDING - A Popular Kent Lady Weds a Florida Gentleman, and Will Reside in the Land of Flowers (9/9/1891)
The home of Mr. and Mrs. S.O. Hathaway, one mile west of town, was the scene on Wednesday at two o'clock p.m. of a very pleasant and equally quiet event before the conclusion of which Miss E. Bye Blake, of this place, daughter of the late Rev. O. Blake, of Mantua, became Mrs. M. Merriam, of Thonotosassa, Florida. Few had been made aware of the approaching nuptials, and only the immediate relatives of the contracting parties were present. The rooms were tastefully decorated with flowers, vines, etc., blending with which was a large and elegant painting in oil of the Southern home of Mr. Merriam. At the appointed hour the bridal party was conducted by Misses Bessie and Marie Hathaway, nieces of the bride, to an arbor of wild gherkin vines and Florida air moss, beneath which the ceremony was performed by Rev. Dr. Cracraft. The bride ws given away by her brother, Mr. M.H. Blake. She was richly attired in cream white silk and wore no flowers. After the festivities attending the occasion were concluded, the happy couple took a C.C. & S. train to Cleveland. After visiting for two or three weeks at Cleveland, Mantua, Hiram, and Fremont, O. and Detroit, Mich., Mr. and Mrs. Merriam will department for Thonotosassa, their future home, in the land of orange blossoms. The kindest wishes of many friends will be with them on their journeys now and for all time. - Kent Courier.

(37) Hormell-Allen (10/28/1898)
Mr. Nelson J. Hormell, a well known Erie employe, and Miss Frances S. Allen, daughter of Justice H.G. Allen, were married last Friday evening by Rev. M.P. Jones.

Births and Birthdays

(1) Oct. 16, 1896 - Mrs. Clarissa Wolcott celebrated her ninetieth birthday anniversary Tuesday in Cleveland by presiding at the Bethel mothers' meeting, in the afternoon, and the prayer meeting in the evening. Since the death of her husband, Mr. Edmunt T. Wolcott, in 1881, Mrs. Wolcott has been an active worker in the Bethel meetings. She came from Connecticut to Kent when but seven years of age, her father, Captain Daniel Bosworth, dying soon after. Her uncle, Mr. Ladd, is said to have established the first glass works in the State. She has been a resident of Cleveland for the last fifteen years.

(2) 1895 - Born - October 26th, to Mr. and Mrs. Tom Collier, a son.
(3) 1895 - Born - To Mr. and Mrs. Harry Beck, Oct. 28th, a daughter.
(4) 1895 - Born - To Mr. and Mrs. George Rolf, Oct. 26th, a daughter
(5) 1895 - Born - To Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brown, Oct. 28th, an 11-pound boy.
(6) 1897 - Born - To Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Rentz, April 26th, a son.
(7) 1897 - Born - To Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Bastian, April 26th, a son.
(8) 1897 - Born - To Mr. and Mrs. Will Getz, April 23rd, a daughter.
(9) 1897 - Born - To Mr. and Mrs. F.W. Felger, April 27th, a daughter.
(10) 1897 - Born - To Mr. and Mrs. Harry Cunningham, April 23rd, a son.
(11) 1897 - Born - To Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Boyd, of Warren, April 27th, a son.
(12) 1897 - Born - To Mr. and Mrs. John Ravenscroft, Jr., of Covin?, Ky., April 24th, a daughter.



(1) DIED - In Freedom, January 3, 1896, Mr. Eugene Sturdevant; aged 41 years, 1 month, 20 days -- Laid To Rest.
Death, the respecter of no rank, has again entered a happy home and carried away a kind father, a devoted husband, a dutiful and loving son and brother and a respected citizen. Eugene A. Sturdevant, of Freedom, passed quietly away at his home, January 3, 1896, after an illness of one year of heart disease, aged 41 years 1 month 20 days. He was the eldest son of Orlin and Amanda Sturdevant, and was born in Freedom Nov. 14, 1854. He was united in marriage to Hattie M. Tuttle, of Freedom, Jan. 10, 1883. The fruits of this marriage was one daughter, Eva
Viola. We are scarcely ever called upon to chronicle so sad a death as this of our friend Eugene, for he has lived in our midst all his short life, and it can be truly said he was respected by all, It was those who knew him best that loved him most, and rarely has the death of one so young touched so many hearts. He had a warm and enduring love for all, and always stood ready to lend a helping hand to any worthy man or object. He was honest in all his dealings with men, and expected the same fairness from them. He always had a kind and pleasant word for all. He also had a warm place in his heart for his friends, and he devoted much time to them. His home was ever the seat of generous hospitality. The poor and needy were never turned away unassisted from his door. He was not a member of any church, yet gave cheerfully of his means to the support of the gospel in both denominations. He leaves to mourn his loss besides many kind friends and neighbors who will miss his friendly voice and genial ways, a loving and devoted wife, one daughter, father, mother, two brothers and two sisters. They have lost one that was dear to them; one that they felt they could not spare. To all of them the sympathy of the community is extended. The great concourse of people that filled the M. E. church on Sunday after-noon at his funeral service showed the general public sympathy. The discourse was delivered by Rev. Andrew Wilson, of Rayenna, in which he bestowed a fitting tribute to the many virtues of the departed husband and father. The body was taken to Garrettsville and placed in the vault. A Friend

(2) DIED. At his home in Freedom, Ohio, January 22, 1896, Norman G. Stanley; aged 61 years 2 months and 18 days.

(3) G.P. REED DEPARTED THIS LIFE, Respected, Honored and Mourned by the Entire Circle of his Acquaintances.
Gustavus Pomeroy Reed was born in Rootstown, O., May 10, 1842, and deceased in Ravenna, O., July 30, 1887. He resided in Rootstown until July, 1862, when he enlisted in Co. I of the 1040. V. I. The fortunes of this gallant Regiment were his fortunes about two years. September, 1862, the regiment joined the main army at Camp Mitchell, Ky., and was thereafter at the front. It participated in taking Cumberland Gap, July, 1863, under General Burnside. G.P. Reed was with the regiment at Knoxville when the city was besieged by General Longstreet; also in pursuing and routing the rebel cavalry and Longstreet’s army at Bain’s Cross Roads. He was with Sherman’s army in the memor-able campaign in Georgia, participating in the engagements at Buzzards’ Roost., Rocky Face Ridge, Rasacca, Dallas, and Kemp’s Mills. At the last named place, June 11, 1864, while advancing the picket line, he was wounded in the left leg, which necessitated amputation above the knee. The loss of this leg caused much suffering at times during the remainder of his life, and doubtless his early death might be traced to the same cause. This may be said to be the measure of his patriotism, a costly gift placed upon the altar of his country, in the interest of unity and universal liberty. His faithful services were recognized by his promo-tion to a Lieutenancy in the army. In the autumn of 1865 he was elected Treasurer of Portage county and continued in office two terms. He afterwards served as deputy county auditor for several years; also as a member of the school board for several years in Ravenna, where he resided Since 1865. His removal by death leaves a vacancy in the board. The people of Ravenna and Portage county delighted to honor him by electing him to official positions of great responsibility, and he ever proved most worthy of their confidence honoring the positions to which he was elected. In early boyhood he united with the M. E. church in Rootstown, and when quite a youth was elected and served as their Sunday school superintendent. In 1866 he transferred his membership to the Ravenna M. E. church of which he was an official member at the time of his death. For nearly eighteen years he had been the chorister in this church, where his efficient services were very greatly appreciated, He has been recording steward for six years and stated clerk six years. During his last illness he was conscious that he was approaching the end of life, but was comforted by the faith which had been his inspiration in youth and help in manhood. May 3, 1865, he was married to Miss Carrie L. Buck, of Rootstown, who, with their two daughters. Mrs. Etta L. Clay-ton, and Miss Daisy L. Reed, survives him. In this home circle the excellencies and warmth of G. P. Reed’s genial nature were ever manifest. The honey-moon began May 3, 1865, but never ended. Shortly before his decease he removed from his finger a ring, which he had worn almost twenty years and gave it to his wife-fit type of an endless love. It is not strange that the last word spoken was “Carrie.” The interests of the other members of his family, the daughters, son-in-law, and grand-son, were his inter-ests, and he delighted in making the home happy. He was truly a faithful and devoted husband, and an indulgent and loving father in the home he loved so well. “Lovely and pleasant in their lives, and in their death they were not divided.” Mr. Reed was a Knight Templar in the Akron commandery of the ancient order of Free and Accepted Masons. He was a member of the Royal Arcanum and of the National Union. He was also a mem-ber of McIntosh Post of the Grand Army of the Republic, a brotherhood than which there is none more deserving of honor in the entire world. He possessed social qualities of rare value. He was a jovial, warm-hearted gentleman. He was respected and trusted by all who knew him. He was a young man of great nobility of heart and life, greatly respected by his associates in school and society. As a soldier he was uncomplaining, brave and true. As a citizen he was trusted and honored by his fellow-citizens. In his home he was contented and happy, and contributed to make others happy. He enjoyed life and desired to live, but without a mur-mur he yielded to the Divine Providence, and rejoiced in victory over death through Christ. “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh with the morning.” The funeral services were largely at-tended at the family residence, and were conducted on the part of the church by the pastor, Rev. W. L. Slutz, assisted by Dr. Locke, P. E., and Rev. John Tribby, a former pastor. Colonel Henry Perkins, prelate of the Sir Knights, had charge of tbe Templars’ service. Fifty-two mem-bers of the Akron Commandery with the eighth regiment band came from Akron and participated in the funeral ceremony. The pall-bearers were Sir Knights Krake, Seymour, Cook, Holcomb, Sperra, and Comstock, of Ravenna. The procession was formed with the band in frontUnity Lodge, F.A.M., Akron Commadery, mourners and citizens, marching, in the order named, to the cemetery. Sir Knight Andrew Jackson was master of ceremonies. It was the largest funeral ever held in Ravenna within the memory of the writer. The banks and all the business houses were closed, out of regard for one of Ravena's respected business men. Every-thing done was consistent with the proprieties of the occasion, “Leading out the pageant solemn and slow as befitted a community's woe.” "Death is the crown of life; Were death denied, poor man would live in vain. Death wounds to cure; we fall, we rise, we reign; Spring from our fetters, fasten to the skies, Where blooming Eden withers from our sight. This king of terrors is the prince of peace." (A sketch of Mr. Reed is also included in the article)


Court Cases reported in Newspaper

(1) Probate Court - 2/4/1898
M.S. Chapman, guardian, vs Ira Irvin Osborn et al; premises ordered appraised and ordered sold at public sale.
M.S. Chapman, guardian, vs Sarah Miller et al; premises ordered appraised and ordered sold at private sale.

(2) New Cases - 2/4/1898
Oscar A. Boles vs M.G. Garrison, treasurer; injunction and relief
Artemicia Stewart vs Banks W. Boosinger et al; money; amount claimed, $1,478.05.
E.H. McCormick vs the Buckeye Chair Co et al; stockholders' liability
Effie Baker vs Gordon Baker, divorce
Jennie W. Kelly vs James M. Kelly, divorce and alimony