Caisson & Limber
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The Caisson and Limber (Ammunition Wagon) was obtained from the U. S. Army in Columbus by the American Legion. It was to be used for military funerals held in Portage County. The Caisson and Limber is unit Model 1916, which was never used in actual combat. It was made to service the three inch field gun used in W. W. I. The caisson is 22 feet long, just over 5 feet wide and 4 feet 8 inches high.

It is said that the only use of this unit for military purpose was to carry the casket of Gibson R. Braden, who was Ravenna's last living Civil War Veteran. At the age of 91+ years he had given the Memorial Day Address at the Maple Grove Cemetery May 30, 1938 and died on October 11, 1938. The casket was transported to Maple Grove Cemetery on N. Chestnut Street in Ravenna for interment. Braden was with the 6th Ohio Volunteer Cavalry and was in Appomattox for General Lee's surrender.

The Caisson and Limber was donated to the Society by the Ravenna American Legion Post 331 in 1953. For a number of years pervious, the unit stood on the front lawn of the 1882 Court House and the sheriff's Home and Jail. The County Engineer moved the Caisson and Limber to the Historical Society in 1962.

The Caisson and Limber have returned to the Society after being restored at Long Acres Farm in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. It is being stored in the barn on the grounds for the winter but can be viewed by special request or by appointment. In late spring it will be roll out for viewing.